Fishing Reports

Friday Fishing Report

Captain Chris Kimrey - Friday, August 25, 2017

From the Eclipse on Monday to the storms and changes in weather, this week certainly has been an interesting one! Luckily, we were able to catch an abundance of fish and a great variety too! This week, we took several trips offshore for bottom fishing and vertical jigging.

With vertical jigging, a metal jig with free swinging hooks is dropped into the water and reeled in with a rhythmic motion that is typically alluring to fish. This type of fishing is great for fishing in schools of bait or over reefs or rocks as well as for fish that live at the bottom of the ocean. The important thing about vertical jigging is that the action comes from the reel, not the rod. So, when fishing, the action of cranking the reel will create a rhythm. Cranking the reel in short, quick bursts will create the pulsating that fish are drawn to! Each and every fisherman will have their own rhythm and way of cranking the reel.

Bottom fishing is how we catch fish that live near the ocean floor, such as Grouper and Snapper. Our goal with bottom fishing is to drop bait to the bottom of the ocean and catch the attention of fish. A line is dropped with a heavy weight followed by bait and the hook. Bottom fishing is a little less angler-active than vertical jigging. With bottom fishing, once you drop the line, the lead weight should be heavy enough to stay put and you just wait until a fish bites!

We've been able to utilize vertical jigging and bottom fishing this week to catch Red Grouper, African Pompano, Vermillion Snapper, Tile Fish, Triggerfish and more! How would you like to explore the waters of the Crystal Coast with Capt. Chris and have a day full of fishing that you'll never forget? Call us today at (252) 342-0464 to book your charter!

Red Grouper

African Pompano

Vermillion Snapper

Monday's Catch

Black Line Tile Fish

Gray Triggerfish