Fishing Reports

This Week's Catch: Grouper & Amberjack

Captain Chris Kimrey - Friday, August 04, 2017

Capt. Chris has had another busy week full of fishing the waters of the Crystal Coast. This week it was all about the grouper and amberjack!

Here on the Crystal Coast, grouper have been sticking near shore, making for a great catch on any trip with Mount Maker Charters. Grouper is a popular eating fish loved by many here in eastern North Carolina. With it's white, flaky texture, distinctive yet mild flavor, it's versatile in so many dishes. What's better than catching your own dinner?

Amberjacks may not be the prettiest fish to catch, but they sure are fun to reel in! Amberjack are typically bottom fish that sometimes make their way to the water's surface. Once hooked, there's no doubt that amberjack will put your strength to the test! Check out the big guy in the large photo below... he certainly worked hard for this fish.

With Mount Maker Charters, we're happy to tailor your fishing trip to what you and your friends want to catch! Whether that's reeling in strong and hefty amberjack or hooking a few nice grouper to have for dinner, we can put you on the fish. Call us today at (252) 342-0464 and schedule your fishing trip while the fishing is good!